Spill the tea with Ethan Hare episode 4 | Teams Involved in Builds, Permits

December 10, 2022

Jenn takes a tour of Ethan’s new build in Big Sur. It’s clear he is passionate about his work, and he explains the process and challenges of the build with enthusiasm.

Teams involved in the project

Making sure that the project is successful early on will ensure us involvement in its life cycle. We have teams working with intentional redundancies to protect this custom home’s complexity, which includes a lot of new materials for installation- so it can’t be rushed!

It’s not just about the building- it is an experience! A project such as this has many different people and positions involved, but we’re happy to help you stay on track with your goals by providing excellent service. We have a part time foreman who will be assigned throughout so there can continue being continuity in workmanship while also ensuring quality control at every stage of development; our facilitators make sure everything goes smoothly from start through finish–and they do their best communicating any concerns or questions during these process steps too!

The facilitator is the link between our office and field, helping to make sure that everything gets done on time. They support all documentation by following up with projects for any updates or scheduling meetings as needed throughout their shift

The Project Facilitators role includes being responsible not only in writing but also keeping track of what happens during each day so there are no loose ends left behind when it comes down protecting both clients’ investments along side themselves.

The client is a key member of the team. A successful project requires working together with your customer, especially when it comes to problem solving and bringing an end result into fruition; one that they can be proud of! The worst thing I’ve seen happen in my experience as someone who has worked on many different types projects like this before? When people get stuck between investing time or money towards reaching their permit-pulling goals only for things not go accordingly because there was no discussion about budget beforehand.

How long does a permit process take?

Every project is different. This means that the type of permit you will need to get depends largely on where your construction site happens to be located or in what jurisdiction it falls under – whether one our local cities like Monterey County, which has plenty going on currently with new developments coming soon!

The permitting process for a home like this can take up to 12-14 months. The biggest factor is what kind of construction or renovation you’re doing, because that will determine which agencies are involved in approving your project and how long it takes them once they’ve approved everything with all their associated departments before giving final consent!

Once your permits are approved, the next factor that influences cost is construction valuation of home. This means what value they give when providing permits and it’s an area where people are looking to save money by supplying less supportable documentation than usual so as not have any issues later down road with inspections or other authorities catching them guilty-of breaking laws concerning unsafe buildings.

Other tips to save cost

We’ve managed to negotiate a very interesting deal in this county. We are only responsible for permitable work and not anything outside of that scope, which means we can back out from landscaping or finishing costs like project management as long they’re included with hard construction on an appraisal report!

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