Spill the tea with Ethan Hare episode 3 | Collaboration, build timeline, build cost, working within a budget

December 9, 2022

This episode of Spill the Tea with Ethan Hare features a tour of Hare Construction’s new build in Big Sur, California. Ethan takes Jenn on a tour of the property and explains the different features and amenities that are included in the home. This is a great episode for anyone who is interested in learning more about what goes into a custom home.


We were brought into the project as the permits and plans were finalizing, says Ethan. The architect invited us into the project and we collaborated with him.

What’s an average build timeline for your typical traditional family home?

The construction process for a custom home can take between 10-14 months. This includes getting the permitting and designing of your new house, so make sure you start early on in order not to miss any important milestones along this journey

How much is it going to cost?

we generally like to share a range, in our custom homes ground up we see typically between about $600-$1100 per square foot. Seeing that average at around 700 dollars an acre or so – not including the fit and finish of materials used but rather just their value on site alone before anything else happens . This property is actually quite unique because it’s one hour away from Carmel where our primary office is located making construction more expensive due its remote location which also impacts sourcing costs too.

More on tips how to spend your budget

Most of the money goes into things that you generally don’t see at first glance. Like flooring, which can make any room beautiful and cohesive; but personally I found myself focusing more on my surroundings when decorating because there were so many options for inspiration! Picking just one piece was hard enough–but if we’re talking about special pieces like jewelry or plumbing fixtures (or even light), then these become accent walls in different areas of your home: either upstairs by themselves.

If you’re interested in construction, check out the episodes of our new series with Ethan Hare of Hare Construction. He’s got some great insights into what it takes to be successful in this industry. And make sure to stay tuned for future episodes–we’ll be featuring interviews with other construction professionals who have a lot of wisdom to share. Thanks for reading!

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