Spill the Tea with Ethan Hare Episode 2 | Starting The Project, Materials, Design Planning, Safety, Restrictions

December 8, 2022

Ethan continues to take Jenn on a tour of his new build in Big Sur, California. He shows her the incredible views and talks about the features of the house. He explains that he built it with sustainability in mind, using materials that are locally sourced and environmentally friendly.

How we start our project

We collaborate with our design teams and architects to find a beautiful siting for the home, in addition we make sure that it’s built keeping your grade as much intact, keeping our cut and fill to a minimum as much as possible.

Do you make a house sit a certain way when planning in getting good views?

It’s a blend of marrying the home and style to the particular site so that it compliments the site and doesn’t necessarily overwhelm it. The architects behind this project took the time to understand their client’s needs and desires, before brushing off all boundaries. They did a beautiful job siting main home on Clear Ridge Road while playing with light in order for it be perfectly matched against its context; even adding features like an garage roof that opens up towards heaven during clear days or covered walkways where you can enjoy nature’s beauty from below ground level!

How do we bring materials to the site

We’ve got a 950-cubic yard cut and fill site. To bring in all the equipment, we had to go around quite far with two small trailers! We also use these small trailers for storing tools or other materials needed on job sites like ours – which is why they’re called “tool” trailers instead of just ‘trailers.’ These bigger ones give our project managers space inside so that you can work comfortably too while managing everything from start (or finish) goes off without any problems at

Safety and precaution

We’ve got our fire hoses ready and one of the work trucks that pulled out was a welding team setting up all their equipment onsite. They’ve been bolting and welding for us today! Whenever you have activities like this, it’s important to be prepared in case there is ever any fireside antics happening around town – which I’m sure will happen soon enough with how warm things are getting these days…

Water restrictions on Monterey

Depends on the the location of the site. This particular site is Located in Well, the site is situated amidst very specific requirements that have been goaded through Monterey Health agencies and environmental regulations.

If you’re interested in construction, check out the episodes of our new series with Ethan Hare of Hare Construction. He’s got some great insights into what it takes to be successful in this industry. And make sure to stay tuned for future episodes–we’ll be featuring interviews with other construction professionals who have a lot of wisdom to share. Thanks for reading!

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