Spill the Tea with Ethan Hare Episode 1| A Ground Up Build in Big Sur, California with User-Friendly Smart Home Technology

December 7, 2022

Ethan Hare of Hare construction took Jenn on a tour of his new build in Big Sur California.

Ethan got his start small, working on residential construction projects like bathrooms and windows. He then moved up the ladder to work for a large construction company that opened a commercial division where he oversaw building projects like schools and modernization efforts on existing campuses.

From a commercial perspective, Hare Construction is more than just a construction company. They have project budgets and schedules that will help you stay on top of your game with clients while keeping accountability for all aspects involved in building or remodeling projects!

Key to success

Hare stresses the importance of being organized and having a great team. “You can only do so much by yourself,” he says; I am only one small part in our company’s success stories with clients like Architects who empower us to go above-and-beyond for their projects! The key is empowering others on your team–making sure they feel valued as individuals while still working together as Team Hare when necessary

The build in Big Sur, California

The home features a flat roof and the skylightPeaks up, going taller than its surroundings. On top of this great design are two solar panels that will provide enough energy for off-grid living! With these innovative new technologies we’re able to produce clean renewable power while simultaneously charging our electric vehicles with no pollution whatsoever–that’s what they call “energy independence” today.”

This is going to be a smart home that’s as intuitive and easy-to navigate for the homeowner, yet still packed with all sorts of intelligent features.

If you’re interested in construction, check out the first episode of our new series with Ethan Hare of Hare Construction. He’s got some great insights into what it takes to be successful in this industry. And make sure to stay tuned for future episodes–we’ll be featuring interviews with other construction professionals who have a lot of wisdom to share. Thanks for reading!

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