Spill the Tea: Interior Design Tips and Tricks to Add Value to Your Home

September 21, 2022

Here at BHG and the CGroup we are spilling all the tea with our pal, JC, interior designer of Journey Homes interiors in Carmel, CA on all things interior design including design trends and how to easily update your house to increase its value. 

JC is especially special to us because she designed our beautiful office in downtown Carmel. We love working with her and being able to pass her along to our clients!

With that being said, let’s get into the first set of interior design tips and tricks:

What is the best place to put your money into your home for best value add? 

JC: You can always get the most bang for your buck in the kitchen and the rooms that make those first impressions. So the entry is a great place to start- it sets the feel for the rest of the house. You want it to be warm, welcoming, and stylish. The kitchen is the other spot that makes a big impact, though kitchen upgrades can be a bit expensive. 

What are some of the best cost effective upgrades to make?

JC: If we’re talking kitchen, paint and cabinet hardware are really effective upgrades. There’s no demo involved and it is fairly cheap in the grand scheme of things. Great lighting is another easy and effective way to upgrade your kitchen. Another great and super inexpensive way to brighten a space is by removing things. It makes the space feel clean, bright, and liveable. 

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