Sip & See

We create a community buzz and have the full neighborhood excited and participating in the sale of your home driving demand and prices.

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Who decided that listing your home had to be an unenjoyable process? At The C Group, we believe the best marketing strategies incorporate fun. With our Sip And See listing service we will enhance the experience for everyone involved with an event that makes your property memorable to every person who walks through the door.

Open Bar Get Together
The best way to create an emotional response is for a buyer to picture themselves entertaining at a home. We bring in Pour Girl bartending and host an open bar to get everyone comfortable and spend more time at the home.
Live Music
Live music creates a memorable experience for potential buyers touring the home. We’ve found that the ripple effect from them telling their friends drives traffic and results.
Neighborhood Meet And Greet
Some of the best sources of referrals to purchase your home are from people already in your neighborhood. We send out personalized invitations for neighbors to attend a meet and greet.
Private Dinner Option
If you prefer a smaller gathering at your home, we will organize a catered dinner party with top brokers and prospective buyers.
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