1703 Hilton St



House Details

1 Beds
1 Baths



Say hello to a fabulous buy! Wonder if you would ever be able to afford anything on the Monterey Peninsula with today’s crazy prices? Wonder no more! Lowest-priced single-family dwelling as cute as a bug in a rug & with expansion possibilities at your fingertips. Start planning for the future now as you patiently start the remodeling process. You could blow out one wall in the first year & then in the next, blow out the other side. All within legal setbacks too! Lots of space with this existing lot size. All you need is a vision & a dream. Just like the owner across the street is doing. You do realize that with a 20% down, your monthly payment could be cheaper than rent. As a matter of fact, we were renting this out for $1,650 per month! Cozy, clean & friendly neighborhood too!

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