Exploring the Charm of 514 7th Street: A Walkthrough with Kevin Cesario of The C Group

April 11, 2023

If you’re in search of a unique property that offers both versatility and charm, look no further than 514 7th Street. Kevin Cesario of The C Group takes us on a virtual tour of this beautiful property, showcasing its exceptional features and layout.

Located on a single lot, this property boasts not one, but two houses with separate entrances – one off 7th Street and another off 8th Street. Each house also comes with its own garage, providing ample parking space for both units. This distinctive setup offers endless possibilities for homeowners and investors alike.

One of the key advantages of 514 7th Street is its flexibility for various living arrangements. You can choose to live in one house and rent out the other for additional income, creating a passive investment opportunity. Alternatively, you can use one house as your primary residence while providing a private living space for a family member or friend in the other unit, allowing for multigenerational living arrangements with privacy maintained for each household.

Inside, the houses are simply adorable. With vaulted ceilings and an open floor plan, the living spaces are inviting and spacious. The kitchen is a standout feature, boasting a charming design and functional layout that is sure to delight any home cook. The attention to detail and thought put into the interior of these houses is evident in every corner.

The location of 514 7th Street is also a notable advantage. Situated in a desirable area, this property offers convenience and accessibility to nearby amenities such as schools, parks, shopping, and dining options, making it an ideal place to call home.

Kevin Cesario of The C Group is an experienced real estate professional who brings his expertise to showcase the potential of this property. His keen eye for detail and knowledge of the market make this walkthrough an informative and engaging experience.

In conclusion, 514 7th Street is a unique gem that presents a range of possibilities for homeowners and investors alike. Its two-house setup, charming interior, and prime location make it a standout property worth considering. Contact Kevin Cesario of The C Group today to schedule a showing and explore the opportunities that await at 514 7th Street.

Key Points:

  • Two houses on one lot with separate entrances and garages
  • Flexibility for various living arrangements, including renting out one unit or multigenerational living
  • Adorable interior with vaulted ceilings and open floor plan
  • Charming kitchen with functional features
  • Convenient location near amenities
  • Contact Kevin Cesario of The C Group to schedule a showing and explore the potential of this unique property.
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