5 Points To Sold

Selling can be a challenge. With our 5 Points To Sold we invest additional time and resources to maximize the outcome of the sale while facilitating the full process.

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Our 5 Points To Sold is a proven and repeatable process customized to fit each unique home. With our 5 Points To Sold, we transcend buyers’ expectations and create a highly emotional viewing process.

Home Inspection Repairs

The first step in our 5 points to sold is home inspection repairs. The C Group pays for the cost of the home inspection and facilitates honey-do items and minor repairs that will go a long way when listing your home. Today’s buyer is looking for move-in ready and willing to pay a premium to alleviate any future headaches.

We recommend painting the home with a versatile and true neutral white. We are extremely partial to Simply White by Benjamin Moore, which is ideal for most rooms, especially ones with less natural light. This update will make the home feel fresh and updated.

We are evaluating and replacing dated flooring. Buyers are looking for open and airy. Aged carpet is one of the first things people will notice that will deter them from the purchase.


As a seller, we want to focus on evoking as much emotion from the buyer as possible. De-personalizing helps a buyer picture what it will look like once THEY are the homeowner. Once a buyer becomes emotionally invested in a property, cost alone becomes less of an obstacle.


Our team partners with stagers and designers and we cover the cost to have it designed right. A beautiful design will accentuate features and highlight the most important parts of your home.

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